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Pro means proactive and professional if you are talking about the team at Prospark Electrical in Hamilton. This company knows where it’s heading and is setting the standard for excellent electrical service to get there.

With versatility in mind, lead electrician and owner, Nathan Handcock has created a solid business foundation for Prospark to provide a wide range of electrical work for the Hamilton and greater Waikato region.

Residential, commercial and industrial services are all performed with a focus on achieving a result guaranteed to satisfy the most exacting customer. Being chosen to install show home wiring by international retailer Bunnings for a major event such as the Mystery Creek Field Days is a clear sign that Prospark has a reputation for getting things right.

And with no margin for error allowed in any electrical work, the team have a strong adherence to the company’s strict safety policies. Safe workplace systems are utilised and Prospark recommends and installs only the highest quality products.

Creative, intelligent thinking is also part of the package you receive when you hire Prospark to carry out your electrical work. They will actively analyse your issue then supply the solution, pronto – and in fact, Nathan lists problem-solving as a company strength.

Reassuring stuff when for most of us, electrical wiring, lighting, appliance repair or fault finding are a technical business best left to experts such as Prospark who are qualified to provide the professionalism you’d expect.

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Prospark Electrical, Residential Electricians Hamilton, Domestic Electricians Hamilton, Electricians Waikato Area for Residential Electrical work.


Efficiencies of service, bar none.

Nathan Handcock and the team at Prospark Electrical hold the importance of providing great service as an underlying business ethos.

Their ability to supply the skill and technical know-how required is a given, but Nathan’s crew go quite a few steps further. They’re available when you need them and understand that there is nothing more impacted than your comfort and convenience when an electrical breakdown occurs in the home.

And if you are a landlord requiring electrical maintenance for your portfolio of rentals, Prospark offer a rental property commitment that is price competitive and reliable.

Disruptive and downright annoying, (especially in the middle of a cold winter or hot summer) any domestic electrical failure can be enough to make you want to tear your hair out. That’s the time to call Prospark.

Prospark Electrical calmly step in to expertly diagnose and fix your problem, communicate the whole way through, and provide follow up service if needed – and we’ll certainly tidy up afterwards.

Call us for professional services in:

  • Indoor/outdoor lighting including security
  • Powerpoint additions and alterations
  • Switchboard upgrades and relocation
  • Home heating and ventilation systems
  • Rental property maintenance
  • Cooktops, oven and hob repair and installation
  • New installations and extensions
  • House Rewiring
  • Hot water cylinder repairs and replacement
  • Electrical product servicing and repair
  • Towel rail timers
  • Home AV (entertainment) systems
  • Electrical safety certificates and insurance assessments
  • Sensor lights
  • All electrical testing, fault finding and repairs 
  • House wiring inspection
  • Installation and servicing of LED lighting
  • Internet and phone connections
  • Electrical work for bathroom and kitchen renovations
  • Security alarms
  • Problem-solving.

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Prospark Electrical, Electricians Hamilton, Commercial Electricians Hamilton, Industrial Electricians Hamilton, Electricians, Industrial and Commercial Hamilton Waikato.

Commercial / Industrial

Electrical systems to maximise profits.

Prospark Electrical are true bright sparks when it comes to thinking about the electrical needs of your commercial or industrial enterprise and creating solutions to suit.

In business, electrical systems designed to simplify your commercial transactions, communications and physical comfort can sometimes fail, causing customer uncertainty and staff inconvenience.

And in an industrial arena your machinery must keep rolling to be productive and profitable; likewise, the systems that operate it must be fully functional and working at peak efficiency.

When things grind to a halt, the quicker you call us the sooner we will fire up your equipment to get your business back on track.

Our expertise in diagnosing machinery breakdown, lighting malfunction, wiring or connectivity issues will guarantee a return to productivity within good time and with zero safety concern to you, your tenants or your customers.

We respond to call-outs promptly and provide the following services with top quality workmanship:

  • Test tagging of tools and appliances for safety compliance
  • Commercial lighting design, fit out, repair and maintenance
  • Three phase and single-phase power distribution
  • Fault finding
  • Machine installation, servicing and repairs
  • Shopfitting and factory electrical installation and maintenance
  • Maintenance and upkeep of electrical fittings
  • Security systems
  • Electrical safety certificates and testing
  • Electrical wiring fit-outs for new office build
  • Security, emergency and exit lighting
  • CCTV, data and computer networking
  • Power back up and surge protection
  • Commercial electrical property maintenance.

Good electrics mean big business


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Prospark Electrical Hamilton Electricians, Electricians Hamilton Heat Pump installation, Hamilton Electrician for installation of Air Conditioning Units, Electrician Hamilton for Heat Pump and Air Conditioning maintenance.


Warmth (and coolness) when you need it.

Prospark Electrical are proud to be known as heating and cooling specialists. Our team install and maintain a range of heat pumps/ air conditioning units and cannot emphasise the benefits of these systems enough.

In winter, a heat pump is a cost-effective environment control solution that is simple to operate, discreet and quiet.

It works by drawing warm air from outside into your home or office. At a flick of the switch (or by using your smart device), it will also work as an air conditioner in summer, keeping you cool while reducing humidity.

Prospark’s heat pump systems of choice provide these features:

  • Warm or cool air
  • Compact, quiet and efficient
  • Size and style to suit your unique space, budget and specifications
  • A written guarantee
  • FREE in-home heat pump consultation
  • Reduced energy consumption and quiet operation

Prospark Electrical also promote a range of ventilation systems to combat the effects of damp, mildewy or polluted air.

Our systems help maintain good health and prevent rotting walls and fittings. For you, as a homeowner, it makes sense to protect your investment with an environment which keeps your house and chattels in good order.

And if you are a landlord, guidelines regarding damp rental conditions mean that your obligations to your tenants now include providing a dry atmosphere and one free from mould.

Call us for all the advice and product installation you need.

We’ll keep you comfortable and content


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Prospark Electrical, Hamilton Electricians Telsa Installer Waikato.

Approved TESLA Installer

Most Tesla owners choose to charge their vehicle at home, overnight. For the best charging experience, Prospark Electrical recommends installing a Tesla Wall Connector near where you park your car.

As approved installers of the Tesla wall connector, Prospark Electrical offer all the strict quality and reporting requirements needed in the installation of the Tesla wall connector.


Freephone:  0800 002 112

Mobile:  021 181 4220



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